Greetings MSJobBoard User!

In 2011, Research Metrics created MSJobBoard, a tool which allowed participating Mystery Shop Providers to advertise their available jobs to a global job board. This provided a benefit to not only Mystery Shop Providers, but also to shoppers, exposing more MSPs to a broader pool of shoppers. Shoppers had access to numerous opportunities to apply for, all in one place.

Over the past 9 years, MSJobBoard has served its purpose well, helping to fill and complete tens of thousands of jobs for participating providers. However, with changing technology and shopper habits, an evolution was needed. was launched in 2016 as an evolution of MSJobBoard. GigSpot offers the same benefits as MSJobBoard but greatly expands on them. In addition to a global job board, GigSpot offers a complete one-stop experience for shoppers. A shopper is able sign up for a new MSP, complete any needed profile questions or certifications, apply for, (optionally) self-assign, and complete jobs all within the GigSpot platform. Contractors can also view their pay for all MSPs inside of GigSpot, and manage one global profile across all of the companies they work for. An intuitive mobile app allows shoppers to work on-the-go, and even offline, letting them use either a desktop or mobile experience as they desire.

When GigSpot launched, we knew that as it matured it would eventually replace MSJobBoard and become the "one place" for jobs and shoppers. GigSpot has resulted in MSPs receiving more signups and shoppers seeing more jobs. After many years of success, we feel that now is the time to retire MSJobBoard.

On Monday, January 25, 2021, Research Metrics will be turning off MSJobBoard. If you have been a user of MSJobBoard, we thank you, and encourage you to try GigSpot for the incredible additional benefits it provides. Rest assured, all of your personal information will be deleted from MSJobBoard's systems within 15 days.

Thank you for all the years you've been with us on MSJobBoard, and we look forward to seeing you on GigSpot!

-Research Metrics

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